Aquila Red Series Ukulele Strings

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For a long time lower frequencies were not possible on ukes without giving up on clarity and sharpness. This was due to the fact that to go low, companies also had to increase the gauge of the string. Thicker strings meant a duller sound. Now however Aquila has come up with an improved manufacture process that increases the weight of the strings without increasing its gauge. The result is a string capable of reaching lower frequencies without sounding lifeless that gives you powerful voicing across the whole instrument.

The Aquila Reds have made it possible for Ukes to be tune down to Low G, something that was not possible before without the use of an overly bright and noisy wound string. Some people will only use the low string in combination with other sets of strings.

  • Hand made in Italy
  • It makes it possible to tune in low G with out a wound string
  • Increase weight rather than gauge
  • Bright, sharp tone
  • powerful voicing


100U Soprano High G

103U Concert High G

106U Tenor High G

107U Tenor Low G