Dunlop Jazz Nylon Plectrums

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The most important part of the tone you get from your instrument is in your hands. But the fretting hand is not the only one, the strumming hand has also a lot to do with it. And, in order to complement it Dunlop brings us the Jazz Nylon plectrum. This is one of the most iconic and widely used plectrum in the market today. The reason is that a wide variety of styles can be played with this plectrum. It comes in a few varieties; the Black stiffo which will deliver a bright attack and “The Red” which delivers a warmer tone. Comes in 6 packs.

  • Durable Nylon plectrum
  • comes in 6 packs
  • Heavy Jazz III
  • Choose between a bright attack
  • or a warm tone


Jazz III XL Red
Jazz III XL Stiffo Black

Jazz III Sharp-1.38mm