Step by Step: Grundlagen der Trompetentechnik in 64 Etüden aus fünf Jahrhunderten. Trompete. Lehrbuch. (Essential Exercises)

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This volume is a compendium of study literature from five centuries for the student, beginning with the first trumpet methods such as that of Fantini via the heyday of virtuoso literature in the early 20th century to the experimental playing techniques of our time. The book contains two exemplary studies of each composer which either can be considered to be typical of the respective style or put their focus on extraordinary technical or musical problems. All studies have been carefully revised, especially with regard to obvious typesetting mistakes of the original copies, and been rid of unnecessary ballast regarding phrasing and articulation. Contenu – Geläufigkeit – Finger – Skalen – Koordination – Dreiklangsbildungen – Sprünge – Erweiterte Intervallbildungen – Phrasierung – Klang – Rhythmus – Doppelzunge – Triolenzunge – Bindungen – Intonation – Transponieren – Experimentelle Spieltechniken – Artikulation – Taktwechsel – Lesen