Herdim Nylon Plectrums 10-Pack

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The Herdim nylon plectrum has been made in West Germany since the 60’s. It is made with high quality Nylon and the pick comes in a variety of gauges and colours. Its claim to fame though is that U2’s guitarist: “The Edge” uses the herdim picks. He turns his Herdim plectrum around and plays with the thick end instead of the tip. The textured grip of the Herdim plectrums makes that rasping sound that is part of U2’s tone. This however is a very good guitar plectrum on it’s own. Responsive and with nice attack it should be seriously considered whether or not you use it “the edge” style or your own style.

PLEASE NOTE: These picks are pre-packaged in packs of 10 of the same colour, for example; 10 Blue. 

  • Nylon construction
  • Texture grip
  • Made in West Germany
  • comes in a pack of 10 plectrums


  • Light Yellow
  • Medium Red
  • Heavy Blue (as used by The Edge).
  • Mix Pack (when available) contains 4 Blue, 3 Red & 3 Yellow.