Hornkonzert Es-dur KV 370b + KV 371 Breitkopf Urtext – Ausgabe für Horn und Klavier (EB 8697)

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Horn Concerto in Eb major K. 370b + K. 371 Breitkopf Urtext – completed and edited by Robert D. Levin Completed for the first time: Mozart‘ Horn Concerto „No. 0“ A sensational discovery was madein 1988 when two sheets containing 60 additional measures of the celebrated Rondo K. 371 were found. Robert Levin filled in not only this movement, but also the equally fragmentary Konzertsatz K. 370b that belongs to it. The preface reads in parts like a crime novel when Levin relates how he put together the various parts, supplemented them and orchestrated them in a Mozartian manner. It is to his flair and intuition that we owe the recovery of Mozart´s Horn Concerto „No. 0,“ written in 1781. It is a truly valuable addition to the repertoire, which is further enhanced by Levin´s imaginative cadenza suggestions, from which every horn player can create his own original cadenza. Edition forhorn and piano by Christian R. Riedel with cadenzas and lead-ins by Robert D. Levin