Microjazz Clarinet Collection: Vol. 1. Klarinette und Klavier.

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Easy pieces in popular stylesInstrument : Clarinet and PianoNombre de Pages : 44This book, based on the Microjazz concept of graded pieces in popular styles, contains a set of rhythmically orientated compositions which take into account the range and particular character of the solo instrument.Stimulating accompaniments allied to tuneful and rhythmic solo parts provide a storehouse of styles for players of all ages. Donâ??t take the pieces too fast, be alert to the nuances of dynamic and articulation, and scrupulous about the rhythms. The solo parts are of moderate technical difficulty, but they all repay close study by players of any standard. Most of the accompaniments, which are also easy, may be played on piano, electric or electronic keyboards.The edition is part of the Trinity syllabus 2007 (grade 2)Content : A cheery Wave – Big Hat – Canasta – Crumbs! – Gloomy – Head for the Hills – How Graceful – In a Mellow Mood – It Takes Two – Martial Arts – Parading – Registration Day – Serious-minded – Seriously Now – Show-stopper – Soldier Boy – Solitary – Spring Day – Tall Tale – Under a Cloud – With Grace