Vierhändiges Klassikerbuch: Leichte Originalwerke klassischer Meister. Klavier 4-händig. (Schott Piano Classics)

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Easy original Piano-DuetsInstrumentation : piano (4 hands)Description : Four-handed piano playing has always been very popular in and outside music lessons. Playing piano together is much more fun; thanks to the rich harmony and the extended piano setting, even beginners and intermediate players will be able to experience the pleasure of a full piano sound. In addition, it improves the players‘ sense of rhythm and encourages ensemble playing. Apart from classic pieces, this anthology in the new ‚Piano classics‘ series also contains several lesser known pieces.Contenu : J.C. Bach: Rondo F-Dur – J. Haydn: Tempo di Menuetto aus Maëstro e lo Scolare – W.A. Mozart: Sonate D-Dur, KV 38/1 – M. Clementi: Larghetto con moto F-Dur – L.v. Beethoven: Sonate D-Dur, op. 6 – F. Schubert: Ländler Es-Dur – F. Schubert: Kindermarsch G-Dur, op. posth. – F. Schubert: Marche Héroïque D-Dur, op.27/1 – C.M.v. Weber: Andante con Variazioni G-Dur – R. Schumann: Geburtstagsmarsch C-Dur, op.85/1 – J. Brahms: Walzer A-Dur, op.39/15Date de parution : 26/04/1985Nombre de pages : 77Format : New Edition portrait